Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller for loved-up souls

I'm a wedding and a little bit of everything photographer based in Lake Tahoe & Arizona(but let’s be real I’ll go anywhere).

I've been on this incredible journey for four years. My camera has taken me to countless places, capturing the beauty of love in diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

My goal is to not just document your special day, but to weave a visual narrative that reflects the genuine emotions and unique essence of your love. Let's embark on this creative journey together and craft a gallery of cherished moments that will last a lifetime.

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In a world full of other humans taking awesome photos I'm just another weirdo with a camera, but am I the right weirdo for you? It's probably pretty important to you, so hopefully I can help make that decision a little easier!

If you want to look absolutely spicy in your wedding photos and have a killer time doing so whilst avoiding all of the standard cringe stuff that we've all seen from time to time at your cousins wedding... I might just be your weirdo!

A big fan of making sure that youre having fun with your new partner in crime and a few +1's you've dragged along for the party, the experience here is always fun first - stress never.

If you like the look of the galleries on my website and think you could glue yourself into some of them, let's grab a drink and chat!

"Here for the lovey dovey kind of things and documenting them to last a lifetime"

Birthed in Northern Nevada, currently living in Southern Arizona
It's either good music with plants and ceramics or talking about motorcycle, tattoos, and hiking some extreme mountains with my husband and our dogs.
I'm a plant loving human who likes to plan spontaneous trips myself when I'm not wondering out in the middle of the desert or mountains.
or trying to decide what to eat because we all know that is a tough decision.
I'm either watching Suits or searching the interweb for Facebook market place deals.
I am funny, sarcastic and full of dry humor, I am here to talk shit and laugh until our stomachs hurt.

This is where I give you my heart & soul.

MY why

where i am from

who i LOve

favorite THINGS

A big lover of any adventure, near or far. 
Have always been a fan of collecting authentic paintings, a little guilty pleasure of mine.
I'd take sitting on a mountain top with a solid view over and over again for most anything.
I own very few colored pieces of clothing, its black shirt black pants all day baby, but we are working on getting out of my comfort zone a smidge.
I love community, a bunch of people coming together to celebrate one another and help build each other up. I will always root for you!
I'm an absolute fiend for delicious street tacos or any sour candy.

a world filled with endless books and tacos

my why

where i am from

what i love

favorite THINGS

Artist, lover, heavily inspired by nature, vintage obsessed and all things plants.

My sense of style + hobbies just aren't your typical pairings that you may think. I am enthralled with everything about life. I'm a person with a mind that is never quiet. I enjoy quality time spent with my husband and friends, all my dogs, reading + writing, hunting, leather working, long car rides, all things art, endless polaroid pictures, fearless attitude about the future, oversized graphic tees and solid alone time. You'll find me at a local bar with a glass of wine in hand, yapping away with complete strangers and laughing about all the random stories we have shared with one another. I take any opportunity I possibly can to create ever lasting friendships.

I'm a sucker for nostalgia-- anything that takes you back to a moment in time and makes your heart fill to the brim. That music playing in your head while you reminisce about your first dance at your wedding. I always have a camera to document that everlasting memory. I have tons of boxes full of pictures all with little notes written on the backs of them, a non-traditional way to keep a photo album. but it makes me so happy. 

Lovey dovey with a bit of a kick

MY why

Where i am from

who i love

favorite THINGS



intimate isn't a number. it's a feeling

and that's why it is important to let your day reflect your heart and that feeling.
 After the flowers have wilted, the day has passed, photographs are the only thing you take away to remember this day, how it felt. That’s important. 

There is nothing I would've changed in our time together. Josh & I joke about being the least photographic people on Earth. We literally never know what to do with our hands. The moment we met Sarah, everything felt so natural. And the moment we got our photos back, you can tell that we felt natural. Sarah helped us into movements and poses that reflected on our true selves. She was our guiding light. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer or friend. We can't wait for her to photograph our wedding!
-Linda & Josh

Sarah truly puts her entire heart and soul into her work. Our wedding photos came out better than we could have ever imagined! From the start we knew she was everything we needed. Sarah made us feel so comfy in front of the camera and that is saying a lot coming from two very awkward people!! Hire her IMMEDIATELY! 
- Alex & Savannah


my philosophy

two souls-ONE STORY

No story is one and the same.
Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

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I believe anything and everything you feel deep inside your heart is exactly what is meant to be. Live in that moment and be where your feet are. Look around you and make note of what is making you feel that type of way. That feeling is the exact feeling I want your heart to feel when looking back on your special day.

I'm about capturing you and your person. but let's get real -- It's about you after all!
All of you, every single little piece.

Creating the deep happy feels. The gut-busting laughs. The goosebumps. The connection. The cockles of the heart -- the core of ones being. 
The real stuff.

Let's document that shit!