I specialize in documenting intimate weddings, but that doesn’t mean a small guest count. This day should be emphasized around what is important to you, surrounded by your closest people — that is what intimate means. Break the rules and live this day to the fullest! There is so much pressure of how a wedding should look, but what about how it feels? What about skipping the checklists, saying no to traditions that you’re obligated to, doing something that symbolically represents YOU.

It’s so much more than a job, and you are so much more than just another client in a gallery. Each client is close to my heart, and I can still remember details and vows and moments of every session I’ve had the privilege to witness. For a creative soul, it’s truly a dream come true to share these intimate, milestone moments and turn them into art that you can treasure forever.

If this connects with who you are, let’s chat!

You are here because you

Why I can’t wait to document your day


have found the one you love



+ Pre Wedding Catch Up

Whether it’s via Skype/ Zoom, over the phone or in person, we’ll make it happen!

+ Full Days Coverage

From morning to night - starting at 6 hours, tailored to your schedule. 

+ High-Resolution Images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size. Rights to print anywhere your heart desires.

+ Low-Resolution Images

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels & can download anywhere

+ Online Gallery

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. Ability to share with family members.

+ Online Slideshow

A curated image slideshow to celebrate the highlights from your day, with the absolute cutest music.  




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Two souls, joined as one. The most sacred decision.

There's so much that has led you to this point. I'm here to capture the core of your relationship and the people that have made you two who you are. What makes you feel free? Let's do that.
I'm here to capture how the day feels.

Package it up for you so you can live it again and again.

+ 8 Hours Coverage

+ High + Low resolution photos
   perfect for prints and social media

+ Unlimited Planning

+ Timeline assistance

+ Sneak peeks within 72 hours
+ Complimentary engagement session within Reno/Tahoe or Phoenix/Tucson area

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ Custom box with prints
   delivered to your door with TLC

+ Experience of a lifetime


Let's do it, I am alllll in!

Starting at $4500
Contact for custom package options

Everything under the sun, including my heart


If you want to keep the circle small and celebrate with a few of your closest humans and fur children. I will pour my entire heart and soul out to help you achieve your dream day.
Micro-Weddings are the bees-knees and they suit my fancy.
We can be as simple or creative as you want and we will not settle for anything less than the absolute dream wedding you desire. I will be there the whole way.

+ 6 hours wedding coverage
+ 30 or less guests

+ Sneak peeks within 72 hours

+ Timeline assistance.
   unlimited guidance

+ location scouting

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print 

+ Low resolution images
   perfect for sharing on social media

+ Early bird 10% off printed photos if ordered within 1 week of your gallery delivery, full printing rights 

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

Micro-Wedding Includes:

Say no more, let's do this!!

Starting at $3800

This is about feeling those deep feelings. Crafting days full of heart and intention, not obligation.


So you sat down, started planning a wedding and realized that the production just wasn't for you. Or you've always dreamed of doing something truly unique: saying your vows in a breathtaking location, just you + your love. 

Planning custom-fit elopements is something that makes my soul sing and it allows for full freedom to organize your day to fit your wants + needs are. You might not know where to start with this one, but I'll help you nail down the location, figure out the logistics, and most importantly: design it to reflect who you are as a couple.

+ 3 Hours Coverage
   up to 10 guests

+ Unlimited guidance

+ location assistance
+ A personalized timeline for photography coverage

+ Sneak peeks within 72 hours

+ High & Low resolution photos
   perfect for prints

+ Online Slide Show with music
   sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day

+ experience of a lifetime


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Intimate Elopements

Your love story is as unique as a fingerprint. Lean into your individuality and design your wedding day to reflect that. Celebrate your interests. Make your own traditions. Forget the ones that don’t feel right.

Starting at $3000





Once we sign on the dotted line, we’ve agreed to a committed relationship. We will talk. We will meet in person for your couples session or jump on a call, and I hope you’ll be down to sit and chat for a while. 


As I get to know the two of you, I start to envision your wedding day, I begin my creative process. We’ll share imagery, I’ll ask you questions, and we’ll hone in on the vision for your day together.


My gear is cleaned, film loaded, and mind ready to feel your day,. On wedding day, all I ask is that you trust me. Focus on your presence, feel your moments. I’ll take care of the rest. 


After delivering your 24-hour sneak peek gallery, I will mail a personalized box carefully selected just for you. Then, 6-8 weeks later, you’ll receive a beautiful online gallery to enjoy together. 

Something Extra

My mission is to bring back the allure and nostalgia of instant film during this special time in your life. Whether it be on your wedding day, a spontaneous elopement, or during a lifestyle session with your loved one. Watching the process of your portrait magically appear on a frame in a matter of seconds can be quite astonishing. These moments preserved on instant film will remain some of your favorite one-of-a-kind tangible heirlooms. I will gift your 3-5 sometimes so many more instant film photos the day of your wedding as a gift from me to you. It's a sweet keepsake to take home with you and to cherish forever. 

You will receive sneak peeks within 24-48 hours after your wedding or session. Photo galleries will be delivered through a private online gallery where you can share the photos with your family & friends, order prints, download the full gallery onto a computer, or download individual photos to your phone.
I do guarantee couples sessions within 4-6 weeks and weddings/elopement within 8-10 weeks of your date.

what sets your soul

on fire?


Here is where you take your wedding photos further than digital files on your computer. Having a wedding album means you can create a gorgeous book that really tells the story of your wedding day. That story will be enjoyed by yourselves, your children, and your grandchildren perhaps. Let's be honest who knows where digital photos will be in ten years (just look at VHS) A printed album will always remain accessible to you and everyone gathering around your coffee table.

It’s a lifetime’s keepsake that is beautifully made, just custom to you and your loves liking - a tangible way to relive all the memories, a celebration of the start to your legacy. The irreplaceable feeling of being able to hold all those precious moments in your hands, rather than just seeing it on a digital screen. 

“Creating our wedding album was the best decision we could have EVER made and you were worth every penny. We are still sooooo in love with all of our photos – these memories will last a lifetime and we can't thank you enough!”

SAM & Katy

Fine art albums,

handcrafted memories



Super8 Film 

Your journey’s just begun

a living cinema wedding film

Love transitions through many different seasons throughout our lifetimes, and I’ve found it so crucial to document each and every change through imagery. Hold onto these fleeting moments & carry them into your future.

We can hang in your space, explore somewhere new, or you can show me a place that's important to your love story. This is a chance to celebrate your engagement, capture your anniversary, or document this time in your relationship "just because". This is a celebration of every bit & piece of your love story.

+ At least 1.5-2 hours of shooting
+ Personal location scouting
+ Outfit and styling help
+ Professionally edited photos
+ An online gallery with unlimited downloads
+ Printing rights
+ Travel Included

A film that will show rawness & grit. Your secret glances, freckles, and hand squeezes. The wiping of tears, the fist bumps, and booty grabs. These are not perfectly posed or planned moments that tell someone else’s story. This is your legacy.

 These films are crafted using old Super 8 cameras and Kodak 8mm film. The cameras make a gentle whirring sound as they roll, with beautiful light leaks, soft grain, and a certain magic that can’t be felt or replicated with digital video, making every wedding film truly unique.

 + 3-4 minute film 
+ edited and set to music 
+ raw, organic, fully documentary 
+ online link in HD 
+ USB drive & original film




No story

Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.

is one

& the same

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