October 19, 2023

Salt Flats Engagement Session

Sarah Fischer

Taylor & Jeremiah’s Salt Flats engagement session was on of my all-time favorites. It was unique, romantic, and cozy. And we had a cute prop!!

Let’s talk about implementing some “props” into your session.

Whether you are a couple or engaged or simply just want a portrait session. If you think about your day-to-day life you always look for the things that make you happy. You are an avid coffee lover, so you always make sure to get that exact coffee that lights a fire under you for the day. Or let’s say you have a favorite hobby such as creating pottery, plants, reading books, skateboarding, running around feeding your chickens …WHATEVER it is I highly suggest incorporating it into your session. Show a little more about you or even something that ties you and your human together.

What do the two of you share an interest in??

After thinking about this really hard… I had the perfect idea to showcase Taylor and Jeremiah’s love. I know how much she loves reading and is always talking about her favorite book at the moment or showing off her beautiful in-home library. We needed to bring some of those concepts together! So, I invited Taylor to bring a book that she absolutely loves and also when she chooses it to think about Jeremiah. Is there a book that reminds her of him when reading it? Taylor was fired up about that idea and it instantly set the mood for the shoot. We created a fun little vision board and scouted some location options. From choosing her outfits to every little detail of jewelry. 

We met up at the Salt Flats for the location of the shoot. We wanted to keep the scenery very romantic and simple. The mountain ridges in the backdrop with the hard salt flat desert that feels as if you are on the moon. It was a whole vibe! Taylor went the extra mile and created the sweetest playlist and it was a mixture of all the songs they love to listen to together. How freaking cute is that?!? I was obsessed, to say the least. I also still to this day listen to that playlist because she has some fire choices on it. We went through the evening of them loving up to each other and soaking in this special time together. The quiet desert and the breeze with their favorite jams playing in the background. 

You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.

Taylor wore this necklace that caught my eye and it had a star on it. Taylor told me that they refer to each other as the sun and the moon and it was all just so mind-blowing because not only was the sun giving off the most breathtaking sunset but on the opposite side of the pink sky had a huge moon shining above them. Everything about this shoot was perfect. All the visions and ideas we put together just melted into some of the most beautiful memories. Taylor sat on the desert floor and read her favorite book while Jeremiah adventured out and about, then came closer to her to wrap her into his arms for comfort. It was the best hands down. 

Overall bring your favorite parts about you to your session! It won’t disappoint and you will be forever obsessed! After all, it is all about you or you and your lover. Ready to book your session? Let’s chat!

salt flats engagement session

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