November 22, 2023

Winter Wonderland Wedding | Bishop, CA

Sarah Fischer

When Lily and Aidan planned their NYE wedding they knew it had the possibility of having snow. But this winter wonderland wedding was not what ANY of us thought the day would hold.

These two braved a huge snowstorm and didn’t let it ruin one ounce of their day! ❄️ Also this was probably the most snow I have ever seen in my entire existence. Bishop usually has a couple of inches of snow a year but this was on another level.

The ceremony was filled with people bundled from head to toe. All of the outdoor wedding photos are sprinkled with snow. I can’t say I have ever had another photoshoot like this. Through it all, Lily and Aidan smiled and loved each other. It was an actual winter wonderland wedding.

Looking back and reflecting on this wedding, there is only so much we (photographers) can say with words to describe what it is we do. And there is only so much we can say with words to describe just how much of a lasting impact each couple has on our lives.

There is a connection that is built through the intimacy of sharing such a special and beautiful time with our couples. There’s a whole new level of love that gets unlocked in doing what we do.

And we don’t take that for granted. I am grateful to know these two and to have been able to capture a little of their story!

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