December 15, 2023

Summer Engagement Photoshoot

Sarah Fischer

Lindsey & Ross ran around under the summer sky for their dreamy summer engagement photoshoot and it was one of my favorite summer shoots this year. As the temperature rises and nature comes to life, summer becomes the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of love in engagement photoshoots. With its vibrant colors, blooming landscapes, and golden sunlight, summer offers a plethora of opportunities for creating timeless and romantic memories. And Lindsey and Ross did just that.

We did a little outfit change, drank some of their fav adult beverages, and laughed. A lot.

These two are already married but I still needed to feature these photos on my website. Lindsey’s summer dress went perfect with their engagement shoot and Ross had a shirt that wasn’t too busy but complimented her outfit so well. A literal match made in heaven when it comes to planning out outfits for engagement photos. I just needed to feature it.

If you want to do a summer engagement photoshoot, I can not recommend it enough.

Summer provides an abundance of natural light, creating soft and flattering conditions for photography. Plan your summer engagement photoshoot during the golden hours – the hour after sunrise or before sunset – when the sunlight is warm and creates a beautiful glow. We want to avoid the harsh light and the heat of the day in the afternoon!

So if you’re ready to plan your engagement photos, let me grab my camera, so we can embrace the beauty of summer, and embark on a journey to capture the magic of love in the sunlit moments.

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