February 8, 2024

Artsy Western Wedding

Sarah Fischer

The wedding day that put the biggest imprint on my heart. Judson and Olivia’s artsy western wedding was unique, epic, and romantic all bundled up into one perfect October day.

This day was a slow love on a hot day with puffy clouds in the middle of nowhere Arizona. A day celebrating the love of these two exceptionally loving, funny, and supportive individuals. A day I’ll forever be grateful to have spent doing laps around the old vintage cars and gas pumps, happy tears rolling down your cheeks, chasing sunsets, and hand holding dancing in the art gallery.

When I tell you that this might be the coolest wedding I’ve ever been a part of, I’m not lying. Here’s just a few of my favorite details from their day:

  • The absolutely insane and epic venue – Lowell, Arizona has my heart
  • Ceremony was held in the middle of Main Street downtown
  • The paint pouring to resemble the Arizona sunsets
  • Being absolutely surrounded by art, love, and God
  • They had an “Up” themed wedding cake to represent the type of love they share together
  • Ending the night with matching tattoos

I could truly go on and on, but documenting the true love these two humans share is unmatched. They compliment each other so perfect. They are true soulmates, they are gentle, kind, loving and ultimately a match made in heaven.

If you’re wanting to create your dream wedding day let’s chat and bring your vision to life. Nothing is too big or too small or too much or not enough. As long as your day represents you and your person that is what matters most. This is a celebration of YOUR love and nothing else!

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